These files are provided as samples only.  They are copyrighted designs and their sole purpose is for potential embroidery customers to preview the design, digitizing, and sew-ability of work created by LogoWear.  These designs can not be resold or used for any reason other than mentioned above.

You must be have an industrial embroidery machine or embroidery software that can read a Tajima stitch file to view or sew these design files.  You will also need to download WINZIP, if you do not have it already (Winzip is free on a trial basis, see details on their website).  

Once downloaded, extract them to a known place and they are in .dst format.

  Name: Overlake Golf Course
Size:  2.94" wide x 2.38" tall
Stitch Count:  7,836

Color Sequence:
1.  Med Grey
2.  Light Grey
3.  Grey
4.  Black
5.  Light Grey
6.  Black
7.  Dark Kelly Green

Name: California Culinary Academy
Size:  2.49" wide x 2.50" tall
Stitch Count:  8,745

Color Sequence:
1.  Navy Blue

Name: De Oppresso Liber
Size:  2" wide x 2" tall
Stitch Count:  10,223

Color Sequence:
1.  White
2.  Red
3.  Black
4.  Dark Beige
5.  Black
6.  Reddish Brown
7.  Black
8.  Med Grey
9.  Black

  Name: Bear
Size:  2.88" wide x 1.92" tall
Stitch Count:  9,324

Color Sequence:
1.  Dark Beige
2.  Black
3.  Med Grey
4.  Reddish Brown
5.  Green

Name: Veterans Affairs
Size:  3.08" wide x 3.12" tall
Stitch Count:  24,508

Color Sequence:
1.  Grey
2.  Sky Blue
3.  Off White
4.  Red
5.  Gold
6.  Dark Beige
7.  White
8.  Gold
9.  Black

Name: Armijo Indians
Size:  2.25" wide x 2.95" tall
Stitch Count:  10,638

Color Sequence:
1.  Beige
2.  Lt Golden Tan
3.  White
4.  Lt Purple
5.  White
6.  Black
7.  Green


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